Get more value from your content

You need clear, concise content that engages your audience by writing for them rather than at them.

Make content marketing work for your firm in the most effective way–meaning jargon-free, creative, and without the boring sales pitch.

Today’s communications challenges

The 21st century communication revolution has already occurred. Mountains of user-generated and mass-produced content flood the web with each passing second.

In this new era, the challenge for companies is three-fold:

1) Employ an ever-expanding toolbox

2) Reach more fragmented audiences

3) Supply value-added content and encourage them to respond


15-Word Economy can offer you the following services:

  • Investment writing & technical copywriting – for both B2B and B2C audiences
  • Proofreading and ruthless editing, as explained by this satisfied client:

“Ryan helped on various publications – and I really appreciated his way of ripping our docs apart and reassembling them in a substantially better way.”

  • Storyline development
  • Custom marketing projects, from campaign planning and brand positioning to market research and  social media coaching

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