Origin Story

Que la lumière soit.While I’m certainly a fan of some of the grittier reboots of fictional character narratives (i.e. Batman), there is something more pure to be unearthed in the traditional origin story. This new website — by definition a beta launch since I’m learning much of it along the way — springs from several related interests including content creation, online sharing and the tools of social media.

Curation as introduction.

This is not, however, my first rodeo. My initial foray into online content began with curation (think of a museum curator without a museum) focused on the topic of thought leadership, which I dubbed Cogitation Supremacy. I set out to explore the extent to which these nebulous ‘online communities’ of complete strangers sharing about their common interests do, in fact, exist (they do). For beginners looking to curate, I can heartily recommend Scoop.it.

The New Platform.

This new endeavor offers me a chance to go another step further in creating and packaging content that is my very own. This space will serve to showcase updates and thoughts that may be of interest. I’ve enabled comments and sharing in order to allow for discussion and exchange. For those interested in finding out more, the horizontal navigation at the top of the page will take you to Activities and About pages. Feel free to contact me via the contact form or find me in the Twittersphere.


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