Recap: Digital Innovation, Social Media, Mobile Marketing and More

The other day I was fortunate enough to attend a presentation on digital innovation by Josef Mantl, an Austrian communications entrepreneur and CEO of the eponymous Josef Mantl Communications.

The evening, hosted by the the Austro-American Society in Vienna, provided the perfect backdrop for Dr. Mantl, a Fulbright scholar and Al Gore Climate Leader, to talk us through some of the largest milestones in the digital world over the past decade.

He outlined the importance and overwhelming presence of all things digital in today’s society–including its importance for businesses, political organizations and academic institutions in connecting with audiences and building success. In fact, the digital world has become crucial to success, and no successful organizations forgo the web these days.

Yet, there are other reasons to care about digital. According to Dr. Mantl, digital has fundamentally changed consumers themselves–who no longer simply purchase a ready-made product/service from a company (or not). Rather, the digitized consumer is multi-dimensional, and can potentially playing a role in product design, review and brand stewardship, among other things.

Here are a few key takeaways from the discussion:

– The rise of digital has increased the pressure on organizations to provide high quality content.

– 64% of CEOs and opinion leaders read their email on mobile devices.

– People’s need and ability to share makes social media an integral part of today’s marketing campaigns.

– Social platforms from publicly-traded firms face greater pressure to monetize traffic, putting marketers in a situation where must cough up ad spend to be visible.

– The digital environment favors short, emotional messages with strong visuals.

– New technology is a key driver in this space. Look for augmented reality, near-field communications and wearables to be the ‘next big things.’

For those interested, these themes and more will be explored at the upcoming Mobile Marketing Innovation Day event in Vienna on May 28, 2014 (in German).

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