15-Word Economy Pivots, Expands Services as Virtual Marketing Agency

From one-man show to one-stop shop.

The past few months have marked a transformation at 15-Word Economy, as the copywriting boutique has shifted gears and become a virtual marketing agency.

Why one can person be a one-stop shop

The key reason for this change was to fulfill client requests for ‘more.’ Specifically, more marketing. It was something of a surprise last winter when one client asked me “Do you also do marketing?”–as marketing has been my career since the very start.

With my penchant for writing and background in marketing, it was a logical development for me to put the two together and fill in the white spaces with outside specialists thanks to the gig economy.

Successful communication across a wide range of channels in a variety of formats defines the main challenge that marketers face today.

This is the way content is headed

Since 2013 when 15-Word Economy was initially just a blog, clients have entrusted me with their investment writing and editorial projects. Recent work on several of these has led me to call upon specialists to bring design or web skills into the mix in order to produce a more complete, plug-and-play set of deliverables.

This makes a lot of sense. The written word alone doesn’t have what it takes to reach audiences in today’s attention economy. Visuals matter. Video and voice are this year’s frontiers. Successful communication across a wide range of channels in a variety of formats defines the main challenge that marketers face today.

So, what can 15-Word Economy the virtual marketing agency offer you?

The skills of one content producer/project manager/copywriter who aligns the project to your requirements and seeks outside support on the other services to ensure that you’re happy with the final result. Emphasis on result. And on happy.

In practice, your project is tailored to meet your specifications. So it may be a ‘writing plus’ or agency-lite formula, depending upon what you’d like to achieve.

1. Writing plus formula

You have an idea for your next piece of thought leadership anchor content. This is a frequent request at 15-Word Economy, and I would walk you through the positioning, brainstorm, outline and writing of a final text.

From there we could take the project a step further with design of the final print PDF, landing page mock-up and creation of a social media campaign.

2. Creative / agency-lite formula

Let’s say you already have your anchor content in hand, but you’re looking to extend the idea in new ways and get more mileage out of your key messages.

We could draw up a communications strategy that incorporates press relations and advertising options.

Or we could address a specific need for sales support material by creating a set of mock-ups for you to shop around internally before refining the one that best suits your needs.

We could even evaluate new potential communications channels or strategies that you may want to develop, and then bring those to fruition.

If you’re interested in learning more, use the contact form to get in touch.